Johanna Glazer
Photo of the physician

Sensei Johanna Glazer began her martial arts training in 1990 and she earned her first black belt in 1993.
She was promoted to the rank of fifth-degree black belt in Seirenkai Karate in 2019, and fifth-degree black belt in Seirenkai Jujitsu in 2019. Sensei Glazer is a certified instructor of both arts having earned her Instructor Certification and the title of Sensei in 1994 and has been a Chief Instructor in multiple Massachusetts dojo since that time. She has taught numerous women’s self-defense and safety seminars at many schools and universities and has taught Karate and Jujitsu at youth centers. As the founder and chief instructor of the Concord-Carlisle Adult Education Karate and Jujitsu program since the 1990s, Sensei Glazer directly impacts the community through clinics as well as on-going Jujitsu classes. She is also a teacher at Concord-Carlisle High School and incorporates her understanding of educational theory to her martial arts instruction.