Yoga Stretching & Strengthening for Happy Hips Workshop (Online)

Do you suffer from discomfort and stiffness in your hips? Hips are not only the most powerful muscle group in the body but also the most complex. Anyone who sits for long periods of time, but also cyclists, rowers and runners, can suffer from tight hips, hamstrings (backs of thighs), IT band (outer thigh), and adductors (inner thigh). Tightness in these areas can cause weakness in other muscles, such as the glutes, which can strain the outer hip and create imbalances in the spine, low back and pelvis. Discover simple yoga stretches and postures to ease tight hips and awaken the hip stabilizers, building greater strength, mobility and flexibility in the hip joint as well as balance throughout the body. We will be lying on the floor, seated in chairs, seated on the floor with folded blankets underneath, and on all fours, and standing. Please note that if you have hip bursitis, a labral tear or other hip injuries, you should consult with your physician first.


Online Class
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Photo of the instructor
Laraine Lippincott

Laraine Lippincott considers herself a yoga nerd and has been teaching yoga for 14 years. She started studying yoga while a student at Wellesley College and now specializes in Gentle Yoga. In her classes, she offers a fusion of Kripalu postures, Anusara heart openers, Kali Ray Triyoga flows and Kundalini breath work and mantras. A registered teacher with Yoga Alliance, she is also certified in Pilates, Kripalu Yoga Dance, Radiant Child Yoga, and Yoga Dance for Special Populations, and continues her studies for her Yoga Therapy certification through the International Association of Yoga Therapists. She has a Masters in Education and a Masters in Fine Arts, both from Boston University.