Yoga Nidra for Stress Management (Online)

Discover how Yoga Nidra practice can help calm the anxiety and stress in your life, manage chronic pain,
energize and nourish you, and relax your nervous system, allowing rest and recovery. Lie down, close your eyes and listen as the instructure guides you on a relaxing journey.


Online Class
Streamed to your computer


Photo of the instructor
Clare Harlow

As a career and life coach, Clare helps people discover what they really want to do and find or design work that matches their personality and lifestyle. She is also a Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra graduate and guide. With warmth and humor, she offers personal and group coaching, as well as classes and workshops on career and life planning, communication skills, work/life balance, and people reading using the DiSC personality profile and MBTI. Whether individually or in a group setting, Clare inspires and motivates her clients to take charge of their lives and define success on their own terms. Her motto is “It’s your life, make it work!”