Who Am I Documentary

Who Am I is a feature length documentary about Dr. Ming Wu, who is one of our local Taoist Chinese Medical doctors. 

Journey with Dr. Ming Jie Wu into an ancient healing practice. It is a story of compassion, teaching and healing.
At the age of 3, Dr. Ming Jie Wu witnessed his father cure his sister's asthma with ancient Chinese herbs.  This left a deep impression on young Ming, who was amazed. At a tender age Ming decided to dedicate himself to the ancient practice of Taoist Chinese Medicine (TCM) like his father and grandfather before him. TCM is based on taoist philosophy. Health is achieved through the balance and harmony of the whole body system, mind and spirit.  This interconnected and interdependent relationship is understood as yin and yang. 

Experience Ming’s story, philosophy, and wisdom, as he teaches and heals in China and the U.S.  His practices and beliefs are almost but lost in modern day. He encourages and teaches us to take back our power, gain a deeper understanding of “Who Am I” and maintain a healthy balance.  We see that much of this is in stark contrast to the western approach to medicine and health.  Ming wants us not to be a passive patient, but to learn how to take care of ourselves and then teach and help others. 

The teachings are deep. The interactions touching. The testimonies heart wrenching and triumphant. You may learn, perhaps even awaken. You may cry and you may cheer. This documentary will touch your spirit and uplift your soul.  

For more information about the film and to see the trailer, visit www.whoamifilm.com.

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