Tai Chi: The Perfect Exercise (Studio)

Come discover why Tai Chi has been called the perfect exercise and can be practiced for a lifetime. Designed for new and experienced students, learn and practice the fundamental elements, patterns and whole-body
movements of Tai Chi. Evidence has shown that these movements increase blood and chi flow through the entire body, lubricate joints, enhance flexibility and balance, promote calm and relieve stress. No experience,
fitness level or special equipment is needed to benefit the body and mind through Tai Chi, often called meditation in motion. Wear loose and comfortable clothing and bring only the intention to improve your health and to leave class relaxed and energized.


Steinberg Wellness Center for Mind & Body
310 Baker Ave


September 9 - October 14
Thu 10:00 AM - Thu 11:00 AM

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October 21 - December 2
Thu 10:00 AM - Thu 11:00 AM
10 spots left

$ 102 x

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Photo of the instructor
Nonny Levy

Nonny Levy has practiced tai chi for 25 years. She received an instructor certification from Dr. Ming Wu and is also a candidate for teaching certification through Dr. Pete Wayne and the Tree of Life Tai Chi Center in Somerville, Mass. She has taught tai chi to beginners and advanced beginners at the Steinberg Wellness Center for four years.

Nonny has a master's in social work and has been a licensed psychotherapist in clinical practice for more than 30 years. She enjoys sharing the practice of tai chi with others and experiencing together the many benefits of tai chi for body, mind, and spirit.