Tai Chi Form (Studio/Outdoors)

Students learn basic tai chi principles and postures that lays the foundation for learning the Cheng Man-Ching 37 Movement short form, one of the most popular tai chi forms in the West. Tai Chi is a mind-body exercise practiced for health, exercise and self-defense Tai Chi has been shown to have many health benefits – improves balance, cardio respiratory health, arthritis and stress management. Appropriate for all ages and abilities. Weather permitting, classes will be held outdoors.


Steinberg Wellness Center for Mind & Body
310 Baker Ave, Suite 165


Photo of the instructor
Pam Vlahakis

Pam Vlahakis has a Masters in Education with over 25 years experience as a Registered Dietitian focusing on Wellness. Also as a certified  Yoga, Qigong and Tai Chi instructor, she offers Yoga & Meditation and a combination Qigong/Tai Chi Class through the Steinberg Wellness Center.  She has been teaching Yoga for Adults, Teens and Kids in the Community and Public Schools since 2001.   

As a long time practitioner of Medical Qigong, she saw the benefits of this ancient practice and sought certification with Dr. Aihan Kuhn in 2011. And in 2020, Pam completed her Tai Chi certification from the Tree of Life Tai Chi School with Dr. Peter Wayne. She enjoys sharing with students these ancient mind body practices that are also supported by evidence based research showing the many health benefits.