Tai Chi Beginner - Short Form (Studio)

This class is the simplified form of Tai Chi, truncated to 24 postures (the long form has 108). Each posture takes about six minutes to perform and gives the beginner an introduction to the essential elements of Tai Chi while retaining the traditional flavor of the longer hand forms.


Steinberg Wellness Center for Mind & Body
310 Baker Ave


January 14 - February 18
Fri 10:30 AM - Fri 11:30 AM

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February 25 - April 1
Fri 10:30 AM - Fri 11:30 AM
11 spots left

$ 103 x

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Photo of the instructor
Vivian Howell

Vivian Howell has been practicing tai chi since 2004. She is a board-certified massage therapist and has found this to be the best practice to maintain an inner sense of calm, ease and strength in her work and life. In 2011, Vivian received certification in therapeutic tai chi and qigong with David Saltman at Omega Institute. It was there that she first heard about Master Ming Wu. Since moving to Massachusetts in 2015, she was delighted to find Dr. Wu at the Steinberg Wellness Center and has been studying with him for the past three years. She is now certified as an associate instructor from his institute and is grateful to be able to share this profound practice with those who are seeking balance from within.