Strong & Mobile through Pregnancy with Dr. Blair Evanosky Free Introductory Lecture (Online)

This lecture provides an introduction to the new upcoming 6-week series, Strong & Mobile through Pregnancy with Dr. Blair Evanosky.


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Blair Evanosky

Dr. Blair Evanosky is a doctor of physical therapy and owner of Pregnancy and Postpartum PT, an outpatient clinic in Westford, Massachusetts. Blair completed her bachelor's degree in exercise physiology in 2006 from the University of Massachusetts Lowell and her doctorate degree in physical therapy in 2009 from Franklin Pierce University. She specializes in pelvic floor and orthopedic therapy with a passion for pregnant and postpartum clients. In her spare time, she can be found at a local park or farm with her two kids, trying a new beer at a local brewery with her husband, or spending time outdoors, usually bike riding or hiking.