Strategies for Returning to Health & Fitness Over 60

When is the best time to plant a tree? Twenty years ago. When is the second-best time to to plant a tree? NOW! Learn how to lower the barriers to entry into new physical activities and create small and consistent changes
in nutrition and mindset that will give you exponential improvement in your health and quality of life. Learn  effective life-style strategies for improving health and fitness at any age; how to evaluate processed
foods, read food labels and decide what to and what not to eat; the fundamentals of healthy nutrition for people over 60; why body fat percentage is a better measure than total weight when setting your weight goal; and what exercise is best for you at your unique age state of health and circumstances. Create a Personalized Nutrition Plan from Total Well Coach Simple Healthy Eating Template and build your toolbox of strategies and helpful
apps, books and podcasts to support your health goals.

BONUS! All participants can receive a free 30-minute Discovery Call and a free InBody Body Composition Analysis — $125 total value. The Discovery call is an opportunity to identify and get clear on health and
wellness goals and identify the top 3 things to help you take action to create a strong, joyous life.

Space is limited; not eligible for discounts



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