Rejuvenation Cleanse

In this powerful 21-day holistic cleansing program, plus bonus week to get you in the best mindset, you will reset your metabolism, taste buds and free your body of toxins that detract from your well-being. Change your entire way of eating in four weeks, eliminate chronic conditions, feel energetic, improve clarity of mind, lose weight and sleep better. Based on whole, real foods-no starvation!

Includes three on-site meetings, comprehensive ebook, daily emails, conference calls, email support and optional live events.

Emerson Health & Wellness Center


Photo of the instructor
Charlotte Ott

As head chef on Appledore Island, Charlotte uses only fresh, whole food ingredients to create healthy, delicious meals for the island staff and guests. She draws upon her knowledge of nutrition and health coaching to inspire and teach us to prepare deeply nourishing meals with plenty of herbs, spices, and wholesome foods. When she is on the mainland, Charlotte teaches yoga and presents workshops on nutrition, Ayurveda, cooking, and yoga. Charlotte is the co-creator of the Ultimate Rejuvenation Cleanse, and has been leading seasonal cleanses three times a year since 2010. She is a certified holistic health coach and certified yoga teacher.