Reconnect: Increase Your Joy, Presence & Vitality (Online)

Would you like to increase your feelings of Vitality, Joy, and Gratitude? Rekindle your sense of Presence and
Connection? More fully inhabit yourself and your life? As we experiment creatively, we remember to delight in the world around us and within us. We remember how to tap into that sense of wonderment that has been scientifically proven to create a calmer nervous system and a happier life. We connect and feel more alive. In this workshop, we will reawaken playful curiosity. We will explore creativity and breath/body awareness as a means of rediscovering and deepening connection to self, others, and our surroundings. Please have the following supplies available: Unlined paper or sketchbook, pen, and your favorite (or most accessible) art supplies, such as colored pencils, oil pastels, paints or gel pens. No art skills necessary.


Online Class
Streamed to your computer

  • Journal
  • Pen
  • Unlined paper or sketchbook
  • Favorite (or most accessible) art supplies such as colored pens, oil pastels, paints or gel pens


Photo of the instructor
Andrea Marino

Andrea W. Marino got her master’s in mental health counseling with a specialization in expressive arts therapy at Lesley University. She sought a later-life degree because she was inspired to bridge her creative arts training into helping people cultivate whole-self wellness. Expressive arts therapy uses creative modalities (including but not limited to visual art, dance/movement, drama, writing, and music) to help foster self-discovery and growth. Her two-year conservatory training in Meisner acting and Williamson movement illuminated for Andrea the power of the imaginal realm and the potency of the breath/body connection. Andrea’s work seeks to utilize these to help people increase their sense of embodiment, awareness, presence, and vitality. Andrea has a bacholor of arts from Georgetown University in english/psychology. In addition to her master’s, Andrea has trained in body-based trauma interventions and constantly builds her tool bag of integrative studies. Andrea enjoys travel, photography, creative writing, nature, swimming in the ocean, and the arts in all its glorious forms. She looks forward to sharing her training, experiences, and passions with you and to share in yours.