Qigong for Seniors (ONLINE)

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The gentle, fluid movements of qigong train the mind to direct the body’s energy, or chi, to any part of the body, helping to improve balance and blood pressure, build strength, increase range of motion and flexibility, enhance endurance and reduce stress.


September 14 - October 19
Mon 11:30 AM - Mon 12:30 PM

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October 26 - November 30
Mon 11:30 AM - Mon 12:30 PM
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Carolyn McDonald

Carolyn has been doing qigong since 2009. She's completed associate instructor and instructor certificates with Dr. Ming Wu and continues practicing qigong weekly with him. She teaches qigong weekly at the Council on Aging in Stow and has taught multiple classes for the Rainbow Life Long Learning Institute Boston. Carolyn has been an educator for more than 43 years. She worked in the public and private sectors teaching people of all ages. Learning and practicing qigong has been a healing journey for Carolyn. Sharing this practice with others is one of her greatest joys.