Prenatal Childbirth Class

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This five week class helps pregnant women and their partners make informed decisions about childbirth. Topics include information about relaxation breathing, realistic labor options, and understanding the process of labor. Bring comfortable clothing and bring two pillows. A tour of the unit is included.

Emerson Hospital: McPhillips Conference Room


September 18 - October 16
Wed 7:00 PM - Wed 9:00 PM

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Ellen Harland

Ellen graduated from St. Elizabeth's Hospital School of Nursing.  After serving two years in the Army Nurse Corps, she joined the staff of Emerson.  She has been on the Maternity unit for over 30 years and is cross-trained between the Labor and Delivery unit and the Mother-Baby unit.  She became certified as a Childbirth Educator in 1996.  Ellen particularly enjoys having a couple in her childbirth class, and then caring for them during their birthing experience.