Pilates for Parkinson's (Online)

Scientists believe Pilates, a low-impact exercise with high-impact results, helps boost brain-body signaling, which often goes awry in PD.  Pilates focuses on increasing core strength and improving spinal alignment, flexibility and balance, making it particularly helpful in countering PD symptoms.  By improving the mind-body connection, Pilates teaches you how to have better control and awareness over the way your body moves.   Deep breathing techniques improve cardiovascular efficiency and relaxes central nervous system.  Exercises can be done on the mat, and can also be adapted to chair.  Pilates is a great choice for everyone at every age, every ability!  

things to bring

  • Mat
  • Chair
  • Toning ball (1, 2, 3 pounds)
  • Flexband Yoga block


May 17 - June 28
Mon 10:30 AM - Mon 11:30 AM
25 spots left

$ 99 x

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Photo of the instructor
Susanne Liebich

Susanne Liebich has been a dance and movement instructor, a choreographer and program director for over 20 years. She takes a balanced, holistic approach to exercise blending traditional, expressive and therapeutic movement to create overall health and well being. She is Certified in Dance for PD®, Stott Pilates®, Black Belt Nia®, and continues to explore interests in various forms of dance, music and movement. She has also taught classes to at-risk teenage girls who reside at the Metro Youth Services Facility in Dorchester, served as Development Chair for BalletRox, and volunteered extensively for Concord Public Schools. Most recently, her classes include instruction in both dance and injury prevention to disabled children, older adults and other special population groups with limited mobility.