Neck & Shoulder Mobility Yoga Workshop

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Do you find yourself hunched over your phone, computer or desk? Do you feel tight, sore, experience limited mobility, headaches or TMJ? Upper body neck and shoulder tension can be so chronic that it starts to feel normal. Learn unique and memorable stretches to relieve neck and shoulder pain and tightness, and immunize yourself from that hunched over posture. We’ll also explore breath work to melt tension and bring about a calm and peaceful heart. You’ll leave with a good sense of that great posture that lives within us all and how to find it through your daily life. For all ages and abilities.

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Steinberg Wellness Center for Mind and Body

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John Calabria

Years ago, John left a successful engineering career, to spread peace and joy in the world by teaching mindfulness yoga and spirituality, and helping people live with a deeper connection to nature, body and mind.John experiences the world through the lens of yoga, offering what is unfolding in his own practice, and sharing insights as they are revealed to into new understandings. A Certified Wellness Educator, John grows much of his own food, is a musician, and a long-time practitioner of meditation and yoga techniques.

John's classes are innovative, uplifting and inspiring, teaching what he practices in his life, and to help all those who cross his path to find peace and happiness in their lives.