Navigating Life's Changes2019

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Are you facing a change?  Is it overwhelming you? Would you like guidance in how to better cope? Change is inevitable. How we perceive and relate to it has everything to do with how we experience it. Come discover a process that helps people navigate change. In this workshop you’ll explore change through experiential activities.  You’ll take a quick self-assessment and leave with greater insight that will support you through change.

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Steinberg Wellness Center for Mind and Body


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Brianne Krupsaw

Brianne’s massage career started in1985 in Atlanta, Georgia, when massage was hardly the well-known and valued profession it is today.  She saw opportunity everywhere, and created an amazing career.

Over the decades she’s worked with dozens of celebrities, developed and managed the massage department at Canyon Ranch in the Berkshires at their opening, worked as a consultant for the massage division of a few wellness centers, and has maintained a thriving house call business throughout it all.  She is also a professional certified coach who has worked with massage therapists, and others who feel stuck and wish to make a change. 

She is thrilled to work at Steinberg Wellness as their massage therapist and workshop facilitator.