Make Your Mind Your Medicine: Discover Your Body’s Innate Ability for Self-Repair (Online)

Whether you want to augment your medical treatment or improve your body's innate ability to repair itself, you will learn how to create wellness (or how illness could be created) with simple self-healing mechanisms we all possess. Scientific research has established the connected between your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and environment to your health.  In this online workshop, learn simple, everyday mind-body techniques and explore environmental improvement you can make to promote wellness.  You will leave feeling empowered to take control of your own health and wellness. The instructor will be speaking about her own personal journey from illness to wellness.    



Photo of the instructor
Fran Spayne

Fran Spayne, MA, is a holistic therapist/mind-body wellness coach and reiki master. She has taught courses all over New England on the power of the mind and the mind-body connection to hospital staff and medical professionals, patients, teachers, parents, students and military veterans, at wellness centers and medical fairs, at medical conferences and public health fairs.