LSVT®- BIG™ and Beyond for Parkinson's Disease

The LSVT BIG and Beyond program is a highly intensive and effective physical therapy program designed for Parkinson’s patients who have graduated from the LSVT BIG program. This Program includes whole body movements with large amplitudes, multiple repetitions, and progressions from simple to complex that focus on high effort levels throughout. Target areas to improve are faster walking with bigger steps, better balance and increased trunk rotation. This will help maintain independence and improve mobility. BIG effort is the key to success!

Participants must have already completed the LSVT BIG© program either at Emerson Hospital or at another facility, and have a general understanding of the main exercises. Participants are expected to be able to tolerate moderate cardiovascular and endurance activities. Participants should be expected to perform activities challenging their balance with only light support of one arm/hand while in standing. All participants must be able to stand and walk independently or with a cane.

Please wear comfortable clothes and non skid shoes. Also please bring 4 ½lb. cuff weights and a water bottle.