Keto Curious? What's Ketosis and is a Ketogenic Diet Right for Me?

Ketosis is a natural process in which the body converts stored fat to fuel for your brain and body. There are many possible therapeutic applications for adapting a ketogenic diet including weight loss, type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome and other inflammatory and neurological conditions. Some say a ketogenic diet can even help with longevity! A state of ketosis can be achieved in many ways and this class helps you sort through the noise. Understanding the basic biology of ketosis will give you the foundational knowledge and tools you need to help you decide if keto is right for you. Learn how to personalize your keto plan to fit with your lifestyle and to meet your specific health goals, how carbohydrates, fats and proteins affect your metabolism in different ways, how body fat percentage is a better measure than total weight when setting your weight goals and more.

BONUS! All participants can receive a free 30-minute Discovery Call and a free InBody Body Composition
Analysis — $125 total value. The Discovery call is an opportunity to identify and get clear on health and
wellness goals and identify the top 3 things to help you take action tocreate a strong, joyous life.

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