Introduction to Mindfulness (Online)

In this four-week online series you’ll learn basic techniques for improving overall well-being by incorporating mindfulness and deepening self-awareness in your everyday life. Mindfulness is the practice of bringing awareness to our experience in the present moment. Learn the fundamentals of mindfulness meditation and enjoy guided practices to help you cultivate or enhance a personal mindfulness practice. Using a practical, educational approach this series combines class lessons, group discussion and guided practice on topics including stress reactivity, working with emotional intensity, and developing focus and resiliency. Introduction to Mindfulness is taught in a safe, confidential, educational format. People with a broad range of backgrounds and conditions participate in mindfulness programs. Some participants seek short-term intervention and others are life-long learners seeking to enhance their daily practice.


Online Class
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Photo of the instructor
Cheryl Lucas

Cheryl M. Lucas, MEd, is a certified qualified instructor of the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) program of the Center for Mindfulness at the University of Massachusetts Medical School. She is a registered instructor through The Mindfulness Center at Brown University and has been teaching mindfulness-based programs since 2016.

Cheryl has a Master of Education in counseling and 14 years in leadership positions of social service agencies with a focus on supporting individuals through difficult life situations. This work deeply confirmed the transformative power of compassionate guidance leading to each individual's unique capacity to face stressful life circumstances with resilience.

Cheryl is dedicated to teaching mindfulness as a means to foster greater health and wellbeing. With a focus on the best practices of teaching the basic skills, knowledge and wisdom of mindfulness, she guides others to discover their innate ability to meet life’s challenges. She is deeply passionate about and enjoys sharing the practice of mindfulness meditation as an integrative practice for mind, body and spirit.