Home Flows – Cultivating Your Home Yoga Practice Workshop (Studio)

Who has time for a full yoga practice every day? Learn how to create a home flow: A sequence of safe yoga moves tuned to what you need at this point in your life. Got five, ten, or twenty minutes for a pick-me-up? Just a few fundamental stretches in-between laundry and the dishes, or a calming sequence of postures and breathing to tuck you in for a restful night's sleep. A perfect complement to your regular yoga class, together we’ll create mini flows that you can weave into everyday life, even when you’re out and about. Covering mindful sequencing to keep you limber and balanced; helpful tips for motivation and keeping the ball rolling. Plenty of time for questions, bring a pad and pen. This is yoga in the age of busy.

things to bring

  • Yoga mat


Photo of the instructor
John Calabria

John has been a teacher of yoga mindfulness and meditation for over two decades. In his soothing way, John reminds us of patience and the gifts that come from slowing down and noticing. He is an antidote for our fast-paced world, and writes from the heart about Mother Nature and the wonderment of being alive.