Holiday Candlelight Restorative Yoga Workshop (Studio)

Take a break in the midst of the holiday busyness to experience deep rest and relaxation. Give yourself the gift of this special therapeutic yoga workshop designed to release tension, soothe your holiday nerves and help bring you back to the joy of the season. Class guides you through a series of fully-supported restful poses
with the aid of blankets, bolsters and blocks to allow tight muscles to release and the nervous system to relax. Held in a beautiful and warm candlelit studio, unplug, unwind and let go in this deeply immersive restorative experience. Cozy it up by draping a blanket over yourself or bringing your favorite eye bag. Perfect for all levels. No prior yoga experience required. Great holiday date for family members and friends.


Steinberg Wellness Center for Mind & Body
310 Baker Ave, Suite 165

things to bring

  • Yoga mat


Photo of the instructor
Karyn Force

Karyn Force, RN, CKYT, BA, Reiki Master, has been teaching yoga and Reiki for over 25 years. She is a 500 hour professional-level yoga instructor and certified in both Kripalu and Ashtanga yoga. Karyn is a Reiki Master Teacher and Practitioner certified by the Usui Reiki Ryoho and offers Reiki healing sessions and Reiki certification classes. Karyn’s teaching method provides an alignment based practice with an emphasis on breathing, mindfulness and practicing with a compassionate approach. With an extensive knowledge of yoga asanas, pranayama and Reiki energy, Karyn works with students of all ability levels to customize a practice to meet their own specific needs. She offers private and semi-private yoga instruction, group classes and workshop and specialities such as Reiki infused restorative yoga. She has taught yoga teacher training programs, developed full-service corporate wellness programs and led yoga retreats throughout the U.S., Costa Rica and Mexico. With a deep commitment and passion for healthy living, she inspires and guides others on their own unique path to wellness.