Healing Through Sound and Creativity: Sound Therapy for Healthy Aging (Online)

Living our lives, understanding our truth and life purpose is our creative process. The first step to embarking on this healing journey is to create space in our consciousness to be in the present moment and allow for pure
potentiality to come into our lives.

Experience healing frequencies & energy transmission through sound and energy therapies with alchemy crystal singing bowls with Bernadette’s healing voice to relax the nervous system, connect with a deeper sense of self, improve your overall holistic health. Learn how to:
• Experience the power of your own voice to soothe your nervous system
• Use deep breathing exercises to reduce symptoms from trauma and stress
• Discover your innate healing wisdom through learning the 7 Chakra Sound Healing system
• Revive your creative process to bring more joy and meaning into your daily life
• Meditate and declutter your mind to leave space to usher in pure potentiality
• Empower your senses and awaken your intuition for improved creativity, productivity, and improving overall health and wellness

Once your energy consciousness has restored balance through the workshop exercises, immerse yourself in a deeply healing crystal sound bath and experience the deep spiritual connection with your brilliant essence as you shine your light.


Online Class
Streamed to your computer