Healing After Concussion with Nutrition: Make Your Brain More Resilient Through Nutrition and Supplementation

Healing from concussion can be a long journey made easier through supporting reduction of the initial
inflammatory response in the brain and body through food and natural supplements. When it comes to nutrition and supplementation one size does not fit all, even more important when you have suffered a concussion. As an initial step to support the work you must do with your concussion practitioners, we want to “put out the fire” in
your brain and gut, that is, reduce inflammation to optimize the healing process. Learn effective life-style strategies for reducing symptoms of concussion; how to maintain optimal health and fitness to enhance your body’s resilience and capacity to heal; how to address the root causes for inflammation and what you can do to prevent or heal from it; how specific nutritional supplementation can help accelerate healing, and more.

BONUS! All participants can receive a free 30-minute Discovery Call and a free InBody Body Composition
Analysis — $125 total value. The Discovery call is an opportunity to identify and get clear on health and
wellness goals and identify the top 3 things to help you take action tocreate a strong, joyous life.

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