Get On the Ball! (Online)

Physical Therapist Valerie Ruccia Eagan leads a virtual course of exercising on different-sized balls for relaxation, flexibility, posture, strength, and enhanced health. This innovative exercise program relieves pain, opens the body, and transforms your health without leaving your home! 


Online Class
Streamed to your computer

things to bring

Balls required:
  • 65 cm ball if over 5’8”
  • 55 cm ball if under 5’8”
  • 8” (20 cm) diameter ball 
  • 5” (12 cm) diameter ball
  • tennis ball


Photo of the instructor
Valerie Ruccia Eagan

Valerie Ruccia Eagan is a physical therapist, certified Life Design Coach and artist. As a physical therapist, restoring the body to its natural grace is what she loves to do. Valerie offers hands-on physical therapy treatments to release tight muscles, painful joints, and improve posture and natural movement. Her treatments are geared toward restoring strong, flexible, and pain-free movement through trigger point release, joint realignment, muscle strengthening, core stabilization, muscle energy techniques, myofascial release and craniosacral therapy. Valerie also provides home exercise programs and encourages meditation, breathing exercises, and Feldenkrais as avenues to health. As a Life Design Coach, she teaches the Life Design Course, a transformative process affecting and elevating every aspect of life. Students completing the program leave with a vision-to-action five-year plan. Whether it’s through physical therapy or as a Life Design Coach, Valerie is committed to transforming people’s lives for greater freedom, and towards a greater sense of being fully alive.