Freedom from Emotional Eating

Do you reach for food when you feel stressed or angry? For comfort when you’re sad, lonely or bored? Or for a momentary bliss escape when in pain or discomfort? Is food a reward or like an old-friend, always there for you?

If you are among the nearly 70% of Americans classified as overweight or obese or who emotionally eat, this program will help you take control, restore your health and break free from vicious cycles of emotional eating.
In this 8-week  workshop:
● Learn about hunger, cravings, triggers, eating cues and other factors that affect emotional eating
● Explore your relationship with food
● Find what truly nourishes you, on every level, filling those emotional voids
● Explore the power of your mind and beliefs
● Make peace with and love your body, just as you are
● Lose and maintain weight in a kind and sustainable way
● Learn practical tools to help you cope, take control, restore your health and break free from this
vicious cycle
● Engage in and be part of a safe supportive community


Steinberg Wellness Center for Mind & Body
310 Baker Ave


September 20 - November 8
Tue 6:30 PM - Tue 8:00 PM

Sorry, class is full


Photo of the instructor
Linda Roberts

No longer willing to accept rapidly decreasing health and quality of life, nor the pain and suffering that goes along with it, at 50 Linda made needed changes, lost 120 lbs and 102 inches, and transformed her life in the process. To ensure permanent change, she educated herself along the way and a desire to help others in this capacity was born. Linda became a National Board-Certified Health & Wellness Coach (NBC-HWC) and started What Feeds You, LLC. Additionally trained in lifestyle medicine, culinary health and emotional eating, Linda
helps clients implement mindset, behavioral and lifestyle modifications that gets to the root of the problem, restores their health and well-being and quality of life. Her personal and professional experiences help her coach with empathy, compassion and a belief in her client’s ability to reclaim their life, elevate their health to the next level, and achieve their personal best.