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Emerson Health & Wellness Center

Fitness for Parkinson's - Intermediate

Classes include stretching, core strengthening and balance training customized to the needs and levels of the class. Concepts from LSVT Big®, PWR®, boxing, yoga, agility and strength training will be incorporated. All classes are taught by a licensed physical therapists, specialized in Parkinson’s disease.
>br> Intermediate Class: Lower-medium intensity class for those who can stand and walk independently and/or may use a cane occasionally and be able to tolerate moderate physical activities/exercises.

Advanced Class: High intensity class for those who use no assistive devices and are able to tolerate moderate- to high-intensity exercises/activities.


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Linda Holland

Linda Holland, PT, is a staff physical therapist at the Center for Sports Rehabilitation & Specialty Services at Emerson Hospital. Linda graduated from the University of Connecticut with a Bachelors of Science in Physical Therapy. Prior to working for Emerson, Linda worked in home care, outpatient and inpatient rehabilitation in Massachusetts and The Veteran’s Administration Medical Center in San Diego. Her present focus is neurological impairments, though she also treats orthopedic conditions. She is certified in LSVT™ BIG, a specialized program for Parkinson’s disease, and is a Parkinsons Wellness Recovery clinician. Her clinical interests include adult neurology, particularly Parkinson's disease and stroke rehabilitation, balance and fall prevention and adult and adolescent orthopedics