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Exercise for Recovery

Dealing directly or indirectly with substance misuse drains the very strength and energy that is needed to effectively combat it. Exercise for Recovery is an innovative 60-minute wellness class that will provide healthy options for people in our community to focus on taking care of themselves and regain control over their recovery.

Class goals:
1. To expose people suffering directly or indirectly from substance misuse issues to minimal/moderate exercise along with alternative mind-body exercises that have been found helpful in decreasing symptoms of addiction.
2. To provide a safe, non-threatening environment where people can exercise and progress on their recovery at their own speed and pace alongside others doing the same.

The class will begin with a group dynamic warm-up followed by circuit training using our state-of-the-art rehabilitation gym. Each class will conclude with a relaxing cooldown.

Classes will meet once a week from 7-8 p.m. for six weeks at Emerson's Center for Rehabilitative and Sports Therapies, 310 Baker Avenue in Concord. There will be a Monday and a Tuesday class offered. We are targeting a mid- to end-of-May start date (contingent on registrations).

Anyone at any stage of recovery is welcome to attend. Participants are welcome to bring a support person with them, though each person must register individually. Size is limited for individualized attention to your needs. Max: 12 per class.

Please wear comfortable, loose clothing and sneakers. For questions please contact Pat at 978-287-8288.