Essentrics Stretch & Tone (Studio)

Essentrics Stretch & Tone is a unique full-body workout that strengthens and lengthens your muscles simultaneously, resulting in longer, leaner, stronger muscles without using weights or equipment. A moderately-paced class, it’s ideal for beginners or non-beginners who are active, healthy and fully mobile. A diverse music playlist accompanies each routine creating a fun, positive environment.


Steinberg Wellness Center for Mind & Body
310 Baker Ave

  • Yoga/Exercise mat


Photo of the instructor
Cindy Lewis

Cindy Lewis is a retired lawyer who works at the Federation for Children with Special Needs. She believes that Essentrics is an effective full-body workout for people of all ages, but is especially grateful for its "age reversing" effects that lead to stronger, leaner muscles and improved mobility and joint function.