Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) and Qigong-Quick Relief for Balance in Your Life

Commonly referred to as “tapping,” EFT is a somatic approach to facilitating change that integrates Eastern and Western perspectives. Leveraging the Chinese meridian system by tapping on meridian points with your fingertips, it compliments conventional “talk therapy” to accelerate the therapeutic process. In her work with clients, Jenn has found EFT particularly effective at helping to control anxiety, overcoming the blockage of limiting beliefs and alleviating pain or cravings.

The workshop reviews the basics of EFT, including its origin, how it looks at trauma and illustrative case studies. Jenn will also demonstrate the technique and lead the group in a basic tapping exercise. Advanced usage of the technique will also be shown with the help of a volunteer. Finally, she will use the “Getting to the Bottom of It” technique developed by Lori Lamont to help attendees identify cognitive and emotional blocks preventing them from creating or being what they desire in their lives (e.g., finding love, getting a new job, writing that book, leaving an unhealthy relationship, etc.).

This workshop is appropriate for EFT beginners, but also people who have some experience using the technique. It is designed to be very practical in nature, with a focus on how attendees can use various types of tapping on their own.

Includes a Qigong session, used to clear blocked energy and achieve optimal health.


Steinberg Wellness Center for Mind & Body
310 Baker Ave, Suite 165


Photo of the instructor
Ming Wu

Ming Wu, PhD, a third-generation herbalist, has studied Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Qigong and Tai Chi since 1972. In 1981, he attended the University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Guangzhou, China. In 1986, he received his doctorate in TCM and worked for Chouchow Hospital to practice TCM. With over 20 editorials published in the Chinese Medical Journal, he is recognized in The Annals of China's Contemporary Famous Doctors of TCM. He has studied Tai Chi in China and the U.S. for 40 years. He has received authentic Yang Style instruction from his Sifu Grandmaster, Gin Soon Chu, disciple of Yang Sau Chung, and has been teaching in the U.S. for over 25 years. He has dedicated his life to healing and teaching others how to live well.