DizzyFIT: Vestibular Fitness to Improve Balance & Movement with Dr. Naseem Chatiwala (Online)

Approximately 90 million American adults suffer from dizziness and imbalance and have been diagnosed with a vestibular disorder. Vestibular disorders can cause dizziness, blurry vision, fullness and pressure in head, sensitivity to motion, emotional disturbance, neck pain and stiffness, fatigue, imbalance, and subsequent risk of fall and thereby greatly limit mobility, function, and quality of life. This fitness class works on initial vestibular fitness assessments and tailoring exercises to meet your individual needs.

Group exercises focus on strengthening vestibular system by working on eye-head coordination exercise, balance training in a challenging but safe environment, flexibility and stretching for neck and trunk, core strengthening, light aerobic and mindful breathing exercises.

This class benefits those with vestibular deficits related to COVID, POTS, a neuro diagnosis, Parkinson’s, diabetes, imbalance, stroke, multiple sclerosis, concussion, and traumatic brain injury. Walk out from this class feeling grounded, stronger, balanced, and with more energy to participate in other activities of daily living


Online Class
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Photo of the instructor
Naseem Chatiwala

Naseem Chatiwala is founder and owner of Rehab Health360. As a board-certified neuro clinical specialist and a certified vestibular clinical specialist with over 20 years of experience as a physical therapist treating a variety of complex neuro diagnosis, she was instrumental in developing the neuro and concussion program at The Clough Family Center for Rehabilitative and Sports Therapies and helped develop guidelines for its balance clinic, vestibular screening, baseline testing, return to play, and graded exercise protocols. Ms. Chatiwala is an adjunct faculty at the MGH Institute of Health Professions and the UMass Lowell physical therapy program and a course developer and instructor through Summit Professional Education, where she teaches continuing education courses on stroke and vestibular rehabilitation. Ms. Chatiwala has presented at various conferences and was awarded the 2019 Excellence in Education at the Emerson Rehab annual awards. She is the co-author of "Utilization of Physical Therapy Process of Care and Psychosocial Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Physical Therapist" that was recently published in the prestigious Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Journal.