Becoming Well Rooted: Connecting With Your Root Chakra (ONLINE)

How did ancient people determine there are chakras - energy centers - in our bodies?  They experienced them!  Come explore your root chakra - the muladhara chakra - as it exists in your own body.  As Anodea Judith says, "Like flowers, chakras can be open or closed, dying or budding, depending on the state of consciousness within." 

Chakras can also be nurtured and healed, returning to their radiant, coherent, healthy vibration.  In particular, fear is related to the first chakra, so freeing old constricting patterns here can release enormous amounts of stuck energy.  We will use meditation, movement, and chanting to reground ourselves this spring, like freshly planted seeds!


Photo of the instructor
Randi Currier

Randi Currier is a certified ayurvedic health counselor, a certified yoga instructor, and an avid practitioner and grateful beneficiary of explorations with neuroplasticity.

Randi has taught yoga for 20 years with deep gratitude for this ancient practice that has helped her to still her mind, stretch and strengthen her body and find her way back to her Self. She aspires for each of her students to make the yoga their own, allowing their own inner guidance to be the primary teacher. Randi formerly worked as an environmental economist and a middle school math teacher, and is deeply versed in analytical and pedagogical skills. She loves working one-on-one with clients to support repatterning to a state of ease.