Barre Fitness & Yoga Stretch ~ Be Strong Like a Ballerina! (ONLINE)

How is it that ballet dancers are some of the strongest athletes in the world yet so lean?  Barre fitness, inspired by ballet barre exercise, strengthens muscles, but with small, controlled movements. These isometric movements develop deep strength in both large and small muscles, while also helping to increase bone strength, improve alignment, support joints and enhance posture. Toning balls and flex bands aid in sculpting the muscles to create a more toned appearance. Proper breathing techniques integrated with core exercise improve pelvic floor health.  Class ends with yoga stretch for flexibility.  Anyone of any fitness level can take a barre class.   For online class, the back of a solid chair acts as your barre. 

  • Chair
  • Mat
  • 1, 2 or 3-pound toning balls
  • Flex band


Photo of the instructor
Susanne Liebich

Susanne Liebich has been a dance and certified movement instructor, a choreographer and program director for over 30 years. She was one of the first Certified Dance for PD instructors in the world, and is on the Emerson Hospital Parkinson’s Disease Committee.  She was the recipient of a charitable foundation which is earmarked for cultural programming for the Dance for PD community. As a Senior Fitness Expert, she has expanded her exercise regime to include movement which enhances and sustains the health of the aging adult.  She takes a balanced, holistic approach to exercise blending traditional, expressive and therapeutic movement to create overall health and wellbeing. In addition to Steinberg Wellness Center, she works at independent senior, assisted living and memory communities in the Greater Boston area.   In addition to being Certified in Dance for PD®, she has certifications in Stott Pilates®, Black Belt Nia®, Moving to Heal® and Total Barre®.  Most recently, her classes include instruction in both therapeutic dance and injury prevention for older adults and other special population groups with limited mobility such as individuals with Parkinson’s, MS and arthritis.