Aston Kinetics Fitness for Living for Seniors: Stand Up to Gravity!

The inevitable process of aging we all face need not result in a reduced quality of life. This 8-week program offers seniors a series of classes to enhance physical agility and quality of life. More than just a standard exercise program, these classes allow those with physical challenges to successfully complete a progressive program of simple exercises and movements designed to improve musculoskeletal strength and flexibility, improve postural alignment, increase circulation and decrease compression of tissues. Also addresses principles of safe body mechanics and ergonomics for functional activities such as walking, negotiating stairs, reaching, bending and lifting. Wear clothing comfortable to move in while sitting, lying and standing.


Steinberg Wellness Center for Mind & Body
310 Baker Ave

things to bring

  • Yoga mat
  • Bath towel
  • Bed pillow


Photo of the instructor
Shirley Lynch

Shirley Lynch, MS, OTR/L, CLMT, certified Aston Kinetics practitioner, has taught in community and professional programs in the Boston area for more than 25 years. She maintains a private practice in movement education and bodywork in West Concord, Massachusetts.