Kim Genest , Certified Yoga Teacher
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Kim Genest has practiced yoga for over 10 years. She’s a graduate of the CMYW Teacher Training Program, Sadie Nardini’s Rock Star Teacher Training, Evolution Training, Journey Training, and Sadie’s Total Transformation Training. She completed her 300-hour training with Theresa Murphy in June 2016, and received her 500-hour Registered Yoga Teacher certification. Little did she realize how transformational yoga would be in her life. “Not only is yoga an amazing form of exercise, it is a tool for self-observation and a great coping mechanism. Yoga opens your heart and gives you a sense of connection, with your higher self, with humanity, with your community and with something greater. Yoga reminds me to breathe, ground and center, no matter what is going on around me. My personal practice is a mix of Vinyasa, Power, Yin and Restorative. I love it all. Practicing yoga makes me feel good and brings me joy! I love to share that joy with others.”