Julian Cardoos
Photo of the physician

Julian Cardoos is one of the few health and fitness experts in the Boston area. Having trained over 15,000 private training sessions and coached hundreds of clients across the country, his extensive experience in the health field has helped transform the lives of his clients. 

Having struggled with his weight throughout adolescence, Julian decided to get his personal training certification through the National Academy of Sport Medicine in 2001, after he completed culinary school. Transforming his body and creating a new, happy life was his only motivation. After losing 60 lbs, he decided to help others. In addition to becoming a certified personal trainer, he is also a nutritional specialist, corrective exercise specialist and holistic lifestyle coach. Now 13 years later, Julian has not only positively impacted the lives of his clients, but has also helped mentor and develop dozens of personal trainers. He has manged many fitness facilities in the Boston area including opening a 50,000 square facility. Today, he specializes in creating personalized fitness and nutrition programs for body transformation.