Haiyan Feng
Photo of the physician

Haiyan Feng is a certified tea master from China, Guzheng musical therapist and recording artist, therapeutic classical Chinese dancer and Chinese calligraphy artist and founder of The Way of Lotus a self-healing tea program. Since 1992, Haiyan practiced the Buddhist and Taoist Philosophy, Qi Gong, Meditation, Tibetan Chanting, Dance/movement, and energy healing that led her to a path of self awakening and alternative health & wellness discovery.Through many years of practicing the tea ceremony and exercising the mind and body every day, Haiyan has found the "magic key" to opening the door to a happy healthy life. Haiyan pursues her passion for educating others about the potential health benefits of high-quality tea. She performs The Way of Tea as a method to heal the body, mind and soul. 

As a cultural ambassador, Haiyan has been invited to speak about Chinese culture and perform tea ceremony at many locations, at universities, corporations, Healing & Wellness Centers and Art and Music Groups in the U.S. She has an MBA from The University of Connecticut School of Business and a BS from Jilin University, China.