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dance fitness

Upcoming Sessions
  • October 24 - December 5
Get fit, lose weight, strengthen and condition, de-stress and have fun!

essentrics stretch and tone

Upcoming Sessions
  • October 21 - November 18
  • November 12 - December 10
  • November 14 - January 2
  • November 25 - January 6
Essentrics Stretch and Tone is a unique full-body workout that strengthens and lengthens your muscles simultaneously, resulting in longer, leaner, stronger muscles without using weights or equipment.

fitness for parkinson's - advanced

Upcoming Sessions
  • November 4 - December 16
Classes include stretching, core strengthening and balance training customized to the needs and levels of the class.

parkinson's movement: dance for pd

Upcoming Sessions
  • October 24 - December 19
This class uses various dance techniques and styles to address balance, flexibility, movement range and rhythm in a safe and enjoyable environment.

qigong for seniors

Upcoming Sessions
  • October 24 - December 5
The gentle, fluid movements of qigong train the mind to direct the body’s energy, or chi, to any part of the body, helping to improve balance and blood pressure, build strength, increase range of motion and flexibility, enhance endurance and reduce stress

strength, balance & flexibility for seniors

Upcoming Sessions
  • November 13 - December 18
Based on Healing Motion for Life, this class focuses on conditioning the core and balance by learning how to move the body in a healthy way to strengthen, avoid injury and reinforce proper movement principles.
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