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gentle yoga (online)

Upcoming Sessions
  • January 8 - February 12
This class is for the new student of yoga, and for those with a tight body, stiffness, injury or recovering from illness or surgery.

from anxiety to ease (online)

Upcoming Sessions
  • February 17
Creating a sense of calm in our nervous systems takes awareness these days;  we have to choose it and practice it. And from this place of steady, calm centeredness comes our power. In this workshop discover how to rewire your nervous system from a base state of anxiety to a foundation of ease and flow

yoga for building bones (online)

Upcoming Sessions
  • January 27 - March 3
  • January 30 - March 6
New research shows that in addition to yoga’s many other health benefits, it also improves bone density in the spine, hips and femur.

15 back-friendly yoga poses & stretches for managing back pain & preventing a compressed spinal column (online)

Upcoming Sessions
  • January 23
Did you know researchers at the National Institutes of Health found that yoga is as effective as standard physical therapy for treating moderate to severe chronic low back pain (2017)? And that clinical guidelines released by the American College of Physicians recommend yoga as a first step to treat chronic low back pain? In this online workshop, learn 15 easy poses and stretches that are back-friendly and can help ease as well as prevent back pain.

five yoga breaths & gentle yoga: gateway to relaxation, resilience & repose (online)

Upcoming Sessions
  • January 30
As we navigate through the challenges of the pandemic, we need more tools to help find equanimity, patience and inner repose. In yoga, breath is the key: a guiding intelligence that restores the flow of life force within the body. In this online workshop, we will learn five yogic breaths, and how they can be used to relieve anxiety, calm and balance the nervous system, restore energy and vitality and soothe the spirit.