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gentle yoga (online)

Upcoming Sessions
  • May 13 - June 17
  • June 24 - July 29
This class will not only relax and calm you, but will also rejuvenate and revitalize your energy. Laraine considers yoga “meditation in motion,” and leads students to a place of comfort, ease and stability with simple yet effective alignment-based postures, rhythmic movement, breathwork, positive affirmations, and a powerful meditative practice.

arthritis-friendly gentle yoga & meditation (online)

Upcoming Sessions
  • May 31 - July 5
  • July 12 - August 16
Yoga has been demonstrated to improve arthritis symptoms, along with physical fitness, psychological well-being and quality of life. This class combines ancient yoga practices with modern medical knowledge. Laraine offers modifications to make the movements and postures accessible.

gentle & restorative yoga (studio)

Upcoming Sessions
  • April 12 - May 31
  • April 14 - June 2
  • June 7 - July 19
  • June 9 - July 21
  • July 26 - September 6
Give yourself the gift and the downtime needed to quiet the mind, calm the nervous system and find a sense of peace. Class is a mix of gentle yoga combined with restorative yoga which will allow you to experience a rejuvenating and restful practice. Warm up muscles, build strength, increase bone health and gain flexibility while focusing on specific stretches which release tight shoulders and neck as well as hips and hamstrings.

yoga & meditation (online)

Upcoming Sessions
  • May 4 - June 15
  • June 22 - August 3

This class restores balance and harmony by eliciting the relaxation response and quieting the mind. It creates awareness through gentle postures, mindful movement and breathing exercises. Improve flexibility and strength while relieving stress and tension. Includes Ayurvedic healing meditation techniques. Not for expectant mothers.


yoga for building bones (online)

Upcoming Sessions
  • May 11 - June 15
  • June 4 - July 16
  • June 22 - July 27
  • July 23 - August 27
  • August 3 - September 7
New research shows that you can improve bone density significantly in the spine, hips and femur with simple but effective postures, when practiced with correct alignment. Laraine offers three variations for each posture while integrating therapeutic breathwork, meditation, balance work, and heart openers into the practice.

yoga nidra for stress management (online)

Upcoming Sessions
  • June 13
  • July 11
  • August 15
Feeling stressed? Discover how Yoga Nidra practice can help calm the anxiety and stress in your life, manage chronic pain, energize and nourish you, and relax your nervous system, allowing rest and recovery.

reiki infused restorative candlelight yoga (studio)

Upcoming Sessions
  • June 10
Infuse your restorative yoga practice with the ancient art of hands-on healing. Indulge in deep relaxation with this delicious combination of Reiki and restorative yoga. This special 90-minute class is designed to release tension and turn off our fast lifestyle as we slow down, rest and renew.

yoga stretching & strengthening for happy hips workshop (online)

Upcoming Sessions
  • June 18
  • July 30
Do you suffer from discomfort and stiffness in your hips? Hips are not only the most powerful muscle group in the body but also the most complex. Anyone who sits for long periods of time, but also cyclists, rowers and runners, can suffer from tight hips, hamstrings (backs of thighs), IT band (outer thigh), and adductors (inner thigh). Tightness in these areas can cause weakness in other muscles, such as the glutes, which can strain the outer hip and create imbalances in the spine, low back and pelvis.