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gentle yoga (online)

Upcoming Sessions
  • June 25 - July 30
  • August 6 - September 10
This class will not only relax and calm you, but will also rejuvenate and revitalize your energy. Laraine considers yoga “meditation in motion,” and leads students to a place of comfort, ease and stability with simple yet effective alignment-based postures, rhythmic movement, breathwork, positive affirmations, and a powerful meditative practice.

gentle & restorative yoga

Upcoming Sessions
  • July 8 - August 12
An evening practice is wonderful for calming the mind and preparing your body for deep rest. Give yourself the gift and the downtime needed to quiet the mind, calm the nervous system and find a sense of peace.

yoga for building bones (online)

Upcoming Sessions
  • July 17 - August 21
New research shows that you can improve bone density significantly in the spine, hips and femur with simple but effective postures, when practiced with correct alignment. Laraine offers three variations for each posture while integrating therapeutic breathwork, meditation, balance work, and heart openers into the practice.