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hip mobility yoga workshop

Upcoming Sessions
  • May 16
There are 22 muscles that cross over the hip joint at different angles and in multiple directions. Besides being uncomfortable, tightness in these muscles can throw off your posture and show up as pain elsewhere in the body.

kripalu gentle yoga with karyn

Upcoming Sessions
  • May 5 - June 9
A yoga practice with a compassionate approach to postures that allows you to adapt yoga to your body’s needs.
Relax and renew while increasing strength and flexibility through smooth flowing movements, focus on breath, clear intent and alignment.

peaceful, mindful yoga with john

Upcoming Sessions
  • May 31 - July 12
We’re not that hard-fast-workout yoga, rather, yoga as it once was—unrushed movement through peaceful postures with a steady calming breath. In time, students shed stress, extra pounds, drop medications, strengthen muscle and bones, sleep better, regulate blood pressure, make headaches history and more.

yoga & meditation

Upcoming Sessions
  • February 26 - April 1
  • May 27 - July 1
Improve flexibility and strength while reducing stress and tension.

yoga for building bones

Upcoming Sessions
  • February 8 - March 28
  • May 13 - June 17
  • May 16 - June 27
New research shows that in addition to yoga’s many other health benefits, it also improves bone density in the spine, hips and femur.

yoga for healthy aging

Upcoming Sessions
  • May 11 - June 22
Wind down after a busy day with accessible, low-impact yoga stretches. Learn to free yourself of tension with special yoga breathing and meditation techniques.