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Emerson Health & Wellness Center


This evidence-based class targets osteoporosis by building new bone through progressive strength training targeted at the spine, hip and wrists without bisphosphonates. Learn how to prevent falls and improve balance and mobility, reduce arthritis pain, integrate stress management, promote circulation and improve absorption of calcium and vitamin D. Program is modeled after Tufts University research and includes joint-friendly moves advised by the Arthritis Foundation. Bring exercise mat, 5-lb All-Pro leg cuffs and water.

To learn more about the program, attend a free introductory lecture on Wednesday, April 25 or June 20 from 1:45-2:45 pm. Pre-registration is required.


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Beverley Ikier

Beverley Ikier, BCMTB is a graduate of McGill University and Royal Victoria Hospital, and spent two years in post-graduate studies at the Montreal Neurological Institute and the National Hospital for Nervous Diseases in London. Beverley is a board certified muscular therapist and bodyworker, a certified Personal Trainer with the National Council of Strength and Fitness and certified with the Arthritis Foundation. As the creator of the Osteofitness program, she's completed courses on Tufts University's study, Strong Women Stay Young, and has been teaching strengthening for osteoporosis for 15 years at local Councils on Aging and at the Ikier Wellness Center.