Essentrics: Age Reversing (Apprentice)

This age-defying workout provides relief for stiff joints, frozen shoulders and chronic aches and pains. Increase flexibility, improve mobility and build strong bones. Based on teachings of Miranda Esmond-White, one of America’s greatest advocates and educators of healthy aging. These classes work on increasing your flexibility, improving your mobility and building strong bones. You will come away with improved posture, boosting your energy and starting on a path to aging backwards.

This program: Increases full body flexibility; Helps relieve pain; Provides proper exercises to unlock tight muscles and joints; Moves to strengthen your spine and core; Treats and prevent back pain; Supports injury prevention.

Participants will notice an immediate increase in flexibility and a release of tension in their muscles after each class, improving posture and range of motion. Stress is released and aches and pains are soothed through the gradual unlocking of the entire body. Bring yoga mat and large towel. Wear comfortable clothing; bring a yoga mat and a large towel. Note this workout is done in bare feet.

$85 for a 5-week session; $20 drop-in $120 for a small-group 6-week session; no drop-ins (begins November 3)